Forum World Records. Sign In Sign Up. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of I've been using some info from here to oc my pc. I've used x-rated's recommended settings from a previous post When stress testing with XTU, I'm reading from cpuid hwmonitor the vid voltages as 1.

Question is though, why is it refusing to go lower than 1. Is this due to my adjustment in bios? Extra edit - I'm getting a nice max cpu temp of 65c - would the thought of pushing to 5. Edit again - Scrath the above.

The stress tests I ran last times were for 10mins and they all went ok. I then tried to run then for 30mins and they failed unmtil i returned voltage to 1. Last edited by djmarks; at PM. Originally Posted by x-rated. So ran many tests and my cpu doesn't like 5. I'll run it for longer when I get a chance but for now, but for now my stress test will be trying to play a game of fo That games' also a stress test for me - will the server dc, will my mods mysteriously disppear from stash box etc?

Dont be deterred Firestrike Extreme: As above, 5. My personal sample which is a tray CPU needs 1. Rule out memory instability by reverting to default, too.

It can also help to reduce the uncore ratio. Thanks silent scone and rjbarker. I've stayed with 5ghz at 1. If I drop the voltage any lower, it doesn't seem to make any difference as the vid voltage for each core still shows 1.

I also tried using the rog realbench stress test but that looked like it was cooking my cup with temps hitting c so I stopped that right quick lol. My cpu is a tray jobbie too. I've kept the memory at it's stock - mhz and I'm happy enough with that for the time being. Just would like to maybe get the voltage lower. Originally Posted by djmarks.

Ive been overclocking for many years XX Ghz I remember getting my X Chip many years ago If you can reach 5 Ghz all cores with x45 - x47 UncoreThe iK processor is designed for the most extreme builds inwith mind bending performance in gaming and threaded applications — this is the processor to go for if you want to build the best enthusiast system in In this guide today we will go over the best motherboards for iK builds, to make sure you are not bottlenecking your iK system by choosing a sub-par motherboard and really get the most out of your money — depending on what you want mITX, overclocking capabilities, feature-packed and so on.

The Z chipset is recommended for iK builds — and provides the best future proofing if you want to upgrade your system in the future, and provides better efficiency and performance than its predecessor — the Z chipset. For example, focus on the PC case you are using its thermal performancecase fan setup and airflow orientation — to ensure hot air is efficiently being expelled from the case and cool air drawn in to cool the iK. Other guides we have produced you may be interested in too include recommended power supplies for the iKand the best performing CPU coolers for iK builds.

These motherboards will offer north of W of power delivery for the K. Comparing the flagship models against each other, the absolute best z motherboard for the iK and for extreme overclocking is the Gigabyte Z Aorus Extreme. Features which justify this large price tag include 3 M. If you want the most extreme and absolute best motherboard for the iK, then the Gigabyte Z Aorus Extreme will not dissapoint.

Extra SATA controller, tick.

i9 9900k overclock guide asus

Four NICs, tick. VRM thermal cooling is fantastic too, so you should expect to push the iK to high clock speeds with the Taichi Ultimate. The Aorus Elite is the cheapest Z motherboard that can take the title of having a decent VRM quality and ability to overclock the iK. In addition, opting for the Pro instead of the Aorus Elite is the addition of a USB Type C front panel, a great feature that will future proof your build as this standard becomes mainstream.

When it comes to deciding which motherboard is best, we tend to look at their VRM quality, cooling and ability for decent power delivery to the iK. With an impressive 5-phase VRM design 5 phase Vcore and 2 phase Vgpu compared to many 4-phase design motherboard using doublers.

Although this runs on the Z chipset, it has a seriously good VRM quality and performance, and we would have no hesitations in housing the iK with this microATX motherboard. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar. View on Amazon. You may also like.Forum World Records.

Sign In Sign Up. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Stable OC 5. Stable OC 5. Hi there.

Give them a try and see where you land with the clocks. My advice on this is, that the I9 k is a very hot sucker especially while running AVX loads. I don't know what games u play but for example i found out couple of weeks ago that Battlfield 5 for instance uses AVX. That means when the cpu will run AVX instructions it will downclock to 4. The difference between 4. Just keep in mind that although you have a good cpu cooler the vrm area will not have the same ventilation as if you would be using an air cooler.

Go easy on it. I hope this helped. Last edited by neoforo87; at PM. Originally Posted by neoforo It is looking good I was curious on your RB testing I was trying it with the same CPU, but with an air cooler Dark Rock Pro 4 - your single benchmark produced less heat, but the 15 minutes test is very similar I am satisfied with the air cooler!

Originally Posted by Zka Originally Posted by Khean. This is what the best OC setup i could do. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:.Almost exactly one year after introducing six-core Coffee Lake processors alongside Z motherboards, Intel is back with more cores and higher clocks.

This guide is designed to help you pick the best Z motherboard for your next desktop PC. The new collection is led by a diverse cast from the Republic of Gamers that elevates gaming and overclocking to new heights. Outside the gaming sphere, the Prime family serves up signature ASUS features in a more mature package, and the WS sets the stage for serious workstations and prosumer builds. Read on to see which Z motherboard you should buy. The latest generation starts with a trio of unlocked processors ripe for overclocking, and our motherboards have learned new tricks for tapping into their potential.

AI Overclocking makes automatic tuning faster and smarter than ever before. We created a proprietary algorithm that rates the quality of the silicon to see where your chip lands on the spectrum. The onboard intelligence also watches system vitals like temperatures, fan speeds, and power draw to evaluate cooling performance. Dedicated hardware makes the monitoring seamless, and you can allow continuous training that adapts to upgrades, dust buildup over time, and seasonal changes in ambient temperature.

Our newest 5-Way Optimization software offers an alternate approach to one-click tuning that simulates a human overclocker by increasing clock speeds, tweaking voltages, and testing stability before pursuing higher frequencies. This technique gets the CPU extremely close to the maximum speed that can be attained with manual tuning, and connected fans can also be calibrated as part of the process. Auto-tuners are perfect for fresh recruits who are new to overclocking, and they provide experts an easy way to quickly assess a system before proceeding with manual tuning.

Eight cores require more power, especially when pushed beyond stock speeds, so our full-sized Z boards are beefed up with at least eight power stages for the CPU and one more for the integrated graphics. The heatsinks on higher-end models have the right mix of mass and surface area to effectively absorb and dissipate heat from aggressive overclocks. On most boards, they extend beyond the MOSFETs and onto the chokes to further improve cooling, and are accompanied by enhanced 8-pin power connectors that use solid pins capable of handling more current than conventional hollow designs.

More premium boards use additional phases, larger heatsinks, and more sophisticated circuitry to cope with the power required to push top-of-the-line chips like the Core iK to their limits. Memory frequencies continue to climb, and our Z motherboards have evolved to keep pace. They feature Optimem II, which reimagines memory traces from the ground up—literally. Optimem II adds a dedicated ground plane and surrounding ground trace with via stitching to reduce interference for the traces connecting the CPU and memory slots.

It also routes traces through different PCB layers to cut down on crosstalk. Memory is often to blame if systems fail to boot, so years ago we developed a MemOK! This failsafe usually has to be activated by pressing a button on the board, but MemOK! II adopts a toggle-based switch that lets you turn it on once. II automatically applies multiple profiles to bring your system to life.

Our focus on maximizing performance would be futile without similar dedication to improving the cooling that allows systems to sustain faster speeds.Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Buyer's Guide. Installation Guide. Guides Start Here! What's new. Latest activity. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter guxguxcity Start date Apr 24, I have faced sudden, random reboots.

Akin to the power cord being unplugged. There is no warning on OS X, there is no kernel panic message, even in verbose mode I don't see anything. One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined. Keystone" to update product ID "com. Pushing respawn out by 10 seconds. Pushing respawn out by 9 seconds. Pushing respawn out by 8 seconds. Pushing respawn out by 3 seconds. Are you running an overclock at all? I had similar going on with my K and Z board, but it stopped when i went back to standard clock speeds.

I'll revisit it again, as i think it may have been related to me not having setup proper CPU power management on this build. There is no overclock, everything is default. Still crashes. I think it might be the PSU. On Windows, it is fine. I'm still tinkering with it. Follow this guide - your config. I finally found what was causing my random reboots and it was the power management and maybe because y was overclocking.

So what I did was load optimized defaults in my bios, made the usual changes to run a customac like xhci handoff enabled, etc Now I have power management and got rid of the reboots and as a side effect It got sleep, power nap and other energy management things enabled and working. I hope this helps others. Didn't work, I tried almost everything.

You must log in or register to reply here. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.Overclocking has become very common in the past few years as it's an easy method for increasing the performance of your PC to remove any bottlenecks that might exist.

We present a quick guide on how to get started tuning your CPU to its maximum, and the good news is that the new K CPUs are actually very similar to the last four generations CPUs, so overclocking is much the same.

When you add cores you also increase the chance of one core not overclocking to higher levels, and it only takes one core to decrease highest all-core overclock, and that is where the process improvements help.

However, here is the crazy news. Intel's 9th Generations S-series CPUs don't statically assign cores to turbo bins, so the one core that needs to hit 5GHz during single core turbo is picked at random. That means that if you can cool the CPU well enough, you should be pretty much guaranteed 4. Motherboard power delivery will also play an important role in this endeavor.

There are differences between the chart here and the one designed in our Skylake Overclocking Guide. For starters, the new CPUs do consume a bit more power, but they also can take a few more millivolts and maintain the same temperatures. Our starting voltages have increased a bit. So, we are focusing much more on multiplier overclocking since it's more straightforward and there is basically no need for BCLK overclocking for the majority of people.

The basics of overclocking have not changed, you increase multipliers, and then increase voltages to help maintain stability. You hit a wall when your temperatures go over 80C under stress testing, which means you cannot add more voltage unless you increase cooling, so you can't add another multiplier and remain stable.

With the K you can also increase Tjmax levels, which will increase the throttle point of your CPU. Our starting points have changed as well; you should start at 4. Our CPU was only able to hit 5. Steven went from a fledgling forum reader in to one of the internet's brightest tech stars by Armed with an information systems degree, a deep understanding of circuitry, and a passion for tech, Steven handle Sin enjoys sharing his deep knowledge with others.

Steven details products down to the component level to highlight seldom explained, and often misunderstood architectures. Steven is also a highly decorated overclocker with several world records.

Overclocking K.

Intel Core i9 9900K/KF Overclocking Guide (Page 3)

We may earn an affiliate commission. Next Page. If any company representative wishes to respond, we will publish the response here. Please contact us if you wish to respond. Newsletter Subscription.In this post, I have selected the top 5 best gaming motherboard for the i9 k processor. So, read this guide to find out the best motherboard for overclocking and all features. The most renounced name in the fields of processors Intel has finally launched the most talked about processor Intel Core i9 k in the market.

It is needless to say that this processor is an awesome creation by Intel. I9 k offers 8 cores and remarkable clock speed that is good enough to exceed the other competitors of Intel in the market.

9900K Overclocking & Undervolting - Fighting The Molten i9

Of course, we expected some significant improvements and Intel make it happen. With some significant improvements, it also exceeded its predecessor k. This tremendous processor has excellent stability power, it can stable 5 GHz clock speeds over all cores and it also has outstanding temperature control. For this type of new generation processor, a new chipset, called Z comes out in the market. There are lots of good Z motherboards with some good specifications in each. If you have decided to buy this beast processor and could not be able to decide which motherboard is perfect for you, do not worry, we have specially arranged this guide to help you to choose the right motherboard for you.

Here we have discussed 5 best motherboards to look out for in the market for this outstanding processor i9 k. If you are a gaming enthusiast it will be the right choice for you. According to our opinion, it will give you the best gaming experience ever. Though the price of this board is high, almost it costs more than the processor i9 k but if you have plenty of money and you are passionate enough for gaming, this is one is worth having for you.

Now, at first, we discuss some of the physical features of this excellent motherboard then we will talk about its wonderful specifications. The board is very pretty looking. In the right side of the board, you can see a simple and clear kind of board while on the left side you can see the name of the model.

There are two additional boxes within the main box. One of the boxes contains the motherboard and the other contains its accessories.

The board and the accessories are properly protected in the box as no harm can be caused during the carriage of the package. The M. It has also a Turbo U.

How to overclock your system using AI Overclocking

Another thing you may notice in this board and that is it has 16 phase Vcore VRM which and it enables the board to manage extreme overclocking on your machine.

Furthermore, there are four shielded DDR4 supported memory slots which help to stabilize the memory overclocking and it supports up to 64GB. The Backplate is also a remarkable feature which helps to improve cooling and the RGB light on this thing make it an outstanding product.

This is not the end there are other accessories worthy enough to mention. The streaming boost card is the one. It accepts HDMI input and this feature allows the users to stream various games on their mobile or console. ASUS, the name is well known to us, especially for its popularity in the making of the quality motherboards.

i9 9900k overclock guide asus

From the beginning, ASUS dominates the market for its quality products and this time is also not an exception. It really works on your pc like a hero. It is built with dual M.

But there is a problem with this product. ASUS assemblers over tighten one of the M. Most importantly, while handling the board it is important for you to ground yourself because the board does not come with the anti-static bag.

i9 9900k overclock guide asus

Now, this is the time to discuss an important thing the VRM. This tremendous feature utilizes less power while it is a matter of overclock speed.