See photos of celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Leonardo DiCaprio before they hit the big-time, and revisit their earliest onscreen roles. See the full gallery. Title: Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs After the events of "Ice Age: The Meltdown", life begins to change for Manny and his friends: Scrat is still on the hunt to hold onto his beloved acorn, while finding a possible romance in a female sabre-toothed squirrel named Scratte.

Manny and Ellie, having since become an item, are expecting a baby, which leaves Manny anxious to ensure that everything is perfect for when his baby arrives. Diego is fed up with being treated like a house-cat and ponders the notion that he is becoming too laid-back.

Sid begins to wish for a family of his own, and so steals some dinosaur eggs which leads to Sid ending up in a strange underground world where his herd must rescue him, while dodging dinosaurs and facing danger left and right, and meeting up with a one-eyed weasel known as Buck who hunts dinosaurs intently.

Written by Theshapeshifter. My wife and I attended an early press screening for the third Ice Age installment two weeks ago and had a wonderful time. The film easily tops the second outing of the series, and is right on par with the first - with just the right mixture of new characters and settings vs.

I can watch a whole movie with this guy. This time around, Manny and Ellie are expecting a baby mammoth, something that leads to unexpected responds from Diego and Sid. When Sid decides to become a parent himself in return, he steals three giant eggs he accidentally bumps into, only to later realize they're dinosaur eggs that belong to a pretty angry mother.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs/Best scene/Carlos Saldanha/John Leguizamo/Ray Romano

When mother-dinosaur kidnaps Sid, it's up to Manny and friends to return him home safely. Adventures ensue as they find out that underneath their icy world lives a land filled with enormous and sometimes menacing dinosaurs, one which our friends would need to cross in order to rescue Sid.

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs is cute but not insulting, the visuals are stunning and if you forgive the obvious historical loophole there were no dinosaurs during the Ice Age you can actually have quite a good time. The dinosaurs add a lot to the plot, and there's actually a very cool, nice sense of adventure throughout the film, one that was somewhat missing in my opinion from the previous installment.

All this adds to a fun and thrilling experience - alongside the visuals, jokes and general good atmosphere. To sum things up - Ice Age 3 is an above average animated film, that'll appeal to grown-ups and kids alike. I gave it 9 out of Looking for some great streaming picks? Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist.

Visit our What to Watch page. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs.They are all voiced by director Carlos Saldanha. Sid stole the eggs from their mother having found them alone, thinking they were abandoned and hatched them himself.

After being raised by Sid, they have an unusual behavior as a result of not being brought up by a dinosaur such as mimicking Sid and dancing. Yoko has a darker skin tone than Egbert and Shelly. Shelly's skin on her stomach is more pinkish yellow than her brothers. Shelly also has freckles on her snout, back and tail.

They are playful, excitable, and rambunctious, often at times mimicking Sid or dancing with him. They often get hungry and will cry when they want food. When Sid was taking them to the playground they used their strength to destroy the playground and eat most of the other children with means that they are very incautious and imprudent. The eggs of the baby dinos were first found in an ice cave by Sid, who took them away to be warm. The next day, their mother came out from the Dino World to find them.

They thought that Sid was their mother or father. While the song " Walk the Dinosaur " played, Sid bathed them, then fell asleep, and they mimicked him. Later they were playing hacky-sack with Scrat, then they jumped on Sid, and bit his fingers. He then went to get milk from an ox.

The Dinosaurs of Ice Age 3

He finds out it's a male, and it chases him, with the Baby Dinos in tow. Later, they want to go into Manny's PlaygroundSid let them in, and of course that led to trouble, all the kids in the valley rushed into the playground, and began to destroy it. Egbert spat up the two kids he swallowed, then ran past Manny's Ice Family Treeknocking it loose and shattering it.

The three baby dinos returned, when Manny was about to lecture them while scolding Sid for not taking them back, but their mother showed up, and took them away, along with Sid, back to the Dino World. She let the baby dinos go, but preceded to pull Sid, while hanging on by a vine, flinging him up into her nose.

She sneezed him out, and the baby dinos watched in disgust. She tried to eat Sid, but the baby dinos stopped her by getting in her face, but they couldn't stop Momma from flicking Sid with her tail, and tying him up in a tree.

Later, Sid tried to feed them various vegetables broccoli, mushrooms, etc. Momma then dropped the Flightless Bird down in the vegetables' place. She flicked Sid into the pond, but he came back as the baby dinos were about to eat Flightless.

Flightless then woke up, and clung to Sid, scared.If you want to enjoy Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaursyou are going to have to suspend your belief for a bit.

There is no use nitpicking over a children's movie featuring talking extinct species of mammals from different places and time periods to say nothing of saber-toothed squirrels. The latest installment of the franchise is different, however, in that it introduces the unlikely herd of mammalian heroes to an underground world populated by dinosaurs.

It all starts to go wrong when Sid the ground sloth stumbles across some enormous eggs. Feeling left out by the fact that the mammoths Manny and Ellie are expecting a baby and are about to start a new family, Sid appoints himself the mother of the eggs.

Diego, the saber-toothed cat, is having his own worries about losing his predatory edge. These soon hatch into baby dinosaurs, but the well-intentioned Sid has no idea how to properly care for them. Needless to say the real mother of the babies is none too happy when they go missing, and being that she is a rather large Tyrannosaurusthat is bad news for the mammals. In gathering up her young ones she picks up Sid, too, and his friends set off to rescue him.

The mammals quickly find that they are out of their depth, but they get some help from a crazed survivalist weasel named Buck. Buck has only one eye due to a past encounter with a large, whitish menace he calls "Rudy.

The visuals are spectacular and the direction is great, but the dinosaurs are sometimes annoyingly over-stylized. While most of the creatures in the film are embellished in one way or another, the dinosaur designs are a bit over the top such as small, Monolophosaurus -like predators that have quills that shiver when the dinosaurs roar. There are even some dinosaurs that never existed.

When "Rudy" finally appeared on the screen, for example, my wife leaned over and asked, "what kind of dinosaur is that?

If you liked the previous two Ice Age films then you will probably like the third one. It is a "safe" movie that is not especially exciting but still is funny enough to be enjoyable unlike this summer's other dino film. And if you are offended at dinosaur running around with Pleistocene mammals, just remember it could be worse: humans could be riding them. Continue or Give a Gift. Privacy Terms of Use Sign up. SmartNews History.

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Travel Virtual Travel. Travel With Us. Featured: Travel to Alaska. At the Smithsonian Visit. New Research. Curators' Corner.The following is a list of the characters in the Ice Age films, mentioned by a name either presented in the films or in any other official material.

Each character includes a summary when possible, the voice actor or actors associated with the character, and a description of the character along with any aliases, spouses and the character's species. Manfred "Manny"is a woolly mammoth in all five Ice Age films.

His personality is shown to be aloof, grumpy, sarcastic and standoffish, but is otherwise loving and courageous. In the first film, while passing through the icy cave, the herd discovers cave paintings of Manny with his wife and son, who were killed by humans ; this is a very sentimental moment for Manny, since he failed to protect them.

At the end of the film, he becomes the proud father of a baby daughter named Peaches. In Ice Age: Continental Drifthe gets into an argument with his teenage daughter before being pulled away in by the drift with Diego, Sid and Granny.

He and the team later encounter a group of pirates led by Captain Gutt. When the team escaped they destroy the ship and take Shira with them. This enrages the Captain who hunts them down. Later on, he is almost manipulated by sirens.

ice age 3 dinosaur names

A running gag for Manny, shown in four of the five films, is that if a certain character were to refer to him as fat, he would often deny it, saying that "his fur is what makes him look big" and that "it's poofy". Sidney "Sid" is a Ground Sloth in all five films who is dull-witted, talkative, friendly, carefree, naiveaccident-prone, patient and funny with a caring nature, and is voiced with a lateral lisp.

Little is known from Sid's life other than that Sid once lived in a tree with other sloths that always wanted to leave Sid behind when the migration occurred, using several different ways to leave him behind.

What is clear is that Sid's mother always told him that "bad news is just good news in disguise" prior to abandoning him for good. He accidentally starts a fire in the first film and learns how to do it properly towards the end; he also shows this skill in the second film, where he is worshiped by a tribe of "mini-sloths" who call him "Fire King" and try to sacrifice him.

In the third film, he adopts a trio of baby T-Rexes, and is forcibly taken to the underground dinosaur land by their mother, requiring the others to come and save him. In the fourth film, it is revealed that his full name is Sidney, though this name was also used in a deleted scene of the first film. When he, Diego and Manny are on the ice and are forced up by a water spoutthey see a rainbow in the bright blue sky as he told them that "there is a rainbow at the end of every corner.

A mechanical version of Sid appears in Robots during the miming scene. Sid was built along the form typical of ground sloths, short, brushy tail, clawed hands and feet, a long thin neck, ovular head with bulbous eye on both sides and a pair of buckteeth.

Sid's right front tooth was slightly bigger than the left, similar to his right eye, which was also somewhat bigger than the left, both eyes of which were pale green. Sid's pelt was dirty and tan, and became brown when the fungus it carried dried out, Sid attributing the state of his pelt to his vegetarian diet, which he said led to a younger-looking pelt.

In his films, Sid faints at certain times when he's getting hit - e. In the behind the scenes, the creators combined the traits of three-toed sloths and ground sloths while designing Sid and the other sloth characters.

Diego is a saber-toothed cat found in all five of the films. He is Shira's love interest. He has a sardonic personality, although it is not intended to be nasty. He was sent by his pack to retrieve the human baby called Roshan; When he found Roshan in Manny and Sid's care, he pretended to lead them to the humans, but instead planned to lead them into an ambush by the pack.


However, when Manny saved his life, Diego had a change of heart, confessing about the pack and sacrifices himself to help them escape. He was seemingly killed when the pack's leader, Soto, threw him against a rock but survived and joined Manny and Sid on their travels.

In the second filmhe was revealed to suffer from aquaphobiabut he eventually conquered it in order to save Sid, Crash and Eddie. In the third film, he began to fear that he was losing his predatory abilities from being in the "herd" too long, and considered staying in the underground dinosaur world with Buck.

He changed his mind after managing to save the labored Ellie from a dinosaur attack. During the end credits, Diego and Shira are seen nuzzling each other showing that they have now become a couple. Ellie is a female woolly mammoth, whom Manny, Diego, and Sid meet during their migration to escape the flood in the second movie, Ice Age: The Meltdown.

It was revealed that when Ellie was young, she was separated from her herd during the ice age.The living species of birds today are classified as dinosaurs. Since the first dinosaur fossils were recognized in the early nineteenth century, mounted dinosaur skeletons have become major attractions at museums around the world. Dinosaurs have become a part of world culture and remain consistently popular. They have been featured in best-selling books and films notably Jurassic Park and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaursand new discoveries are regularly covered by the media.

Dinosaurs have always been featured or mentioned in the Ice Age film series: in the first movieSid finds a frozen T-Rex that looked similar to Momma in a ice cave, alongside with his ancestor forms.

In the third filmthe herd has to go into an underground dinosaur world to find Sid, who was taken by a female T-Rexcalled Momma. In the fourth moviethe dinosaur Rudy has a cameo, while in the fifth moviethree dinosaurs - RogerGertieand Gavin - appear. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Fan Feed 0 Sid 1 Roshan 2 Manny. Universal Conquest Wiki. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Ice Age: Collision Course.

This page uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Wikipedia view authors.It was directed by Carlos Saldanha and co-directed by Mike Thurmeier. The story has Sid the Sloth being taken by a female Tyrannosaurus after stealing her eggs, leading the rest of the herd to rescue him in a tropical lost world inhabited by dinosaurs beneath the ice. The film was released on July 1,becoming the first Ice Age film and the first 20th Century Fox film to be released in 3-D.

One year after the events of the second film, Ellie and Mannythe two woolly mammothsare expecting their first child, and Manny struggles to make life perfect and safe for the family. At the same time, Diego the saber-toothed cat decides to leave the herd because he thinks he's losing his edge and isn't meant for the family life.

Sid the ground sloth begins to wish for a family of his own and takes three apparently abandoned eggs that he finds in an icy cavern and calls them Egbert, Shelly, and Yoko. Manny tells him to put them back, but Sid ignores him and looks after the eggs, which hatch into baby Tyrannosaurus rex the next morning.

Meanwhile, Scrat, the saber-tooth squirrel, encounters a female of his species named Scratte, whom he battles with over the acorn. Although Sid tries his best to raise the three dinosaurs, their rambunctious behavior scares away all the younger animals and ruins a playground Manny built for his child, which angers Manny.

Not long after, a female Tyrannosaurus rexwhose eggs Sid stole, returns and carries both Sid and her young underground, with Diego in pursuit. Manny, Ellie, Crash and Eddie the opossums follow as well and discover that the icy cavern leads to a vast subterranean jungle populated by dinosaurs thought to be extinct.

Here, an angry Ankylosaurus threatens The Herd despite Diego's efforts to fend it off. Then they are saved from a further crowd of angry reptiles by a deranged, quick-witted, one-eyed weasel named Buck.

Buck has been living in this jungle for quite some time and is fighting Rudya huge albino Baryonyxintending to avenge the eye he lost to it when he was young with a knife he carved from one of Rudy's teeth.

He agrees to lead The Herd through the jungle's perils to Lava Falls, where the dinosaur has taken Sid and her babies. In the meantime, Sid and the mother T-Rex try to outdo each other in feeding the offspring; he loses this contest but is welcomed into the family regardless.

The next day, however, Sid is separated from the family and attacked by Rudy. Sid is knocked onto a loose rock slab that is floating on a river of lava and about to plummet over the falls.

Baby Dinos

Manny doubles back to protect her and Diego fends off further attacks, while Buck takes Crash and Eddie ahead to rescue Sid. Just as he goes over the falls, the trio swoops in on a commandeered Harpactognathus only to be chased by a flock of Pterodactylus on the way and saves his life. Manny reaches Ellie just in time to hear the cry of a newborn baby girl. Sid is saddened at the fact that he never had a chance to say goodbye to "his" children as he returns to The Herd and learns of Peaches' birth.

Before they can leave the jungle, they are ambushed by Rudy, who begins to attack them at full force. However, he quickly breaks free and resumes his onslaught. The Herd is saved by the timely arrival of the mother T-Rex, who charges at Rudy and knocks him off a cliff. As she and her children wish Sid well, Buck, now without a purpose in life since Rudy is gone, decides to join The Herd and live on the surface.

However, a distant roar tells him that Rudy is still alive. Because of this he changes his mind and sends The Herd home, blocking off the path to the underground jungle at the same time. Manny and Ellie welcome Peaches into their frozen world and Manny admits to Sid that he did a good job looking after Momma's children. Diego decides to remain with The Herd, while Buck stays underground, happily battling it out with Rudy and riding him.

Meanwhile, Scrat and Scratte, who have fallen in love with one another after Scrat saved her from falling into lava, decide to live in the jungle together. Unfortunately, Scrat's greed for his precious acorn overcomes his newfound romance with Scratte, and he ultimately choses the acorn over her along with getting tired of her bossy ways.

The two battle once more for the acorn, which results Scrat being launched back to the surface while Scratte remains behind in the dinosaur world. Scrat taunts her about the acorn, but once again loses it after a piece of ice knocks it out of his hands back into the jungle and out of his reach.

Scrat screams in frustration having lost both the acorn and Scratte.In Ice Age 3 Sid finds some eggs hidden under the ice. He assumes they have been abandoned by their mother, and takes them to look after, naming them Egbert, Shelly and Yoko.

When they hatch, they are revealed to be baby dinosaurs. Sid lets them in the playgroundand everyone else thinks it is open, and they mess it up, while the dinos cause havoc. Then, Momma Dino arrives to take her babies. With them, she takes Sid. At the end of the film, the baby dinos are actually sad to leave Sid, showing they really love him. Though the Baby Dinos look similar, there are ways to tell them apart. Yoko has blue eyes, Egbert has red eyes and Shelly has orange eyes. Shelly also has freckles on her nose.

They show deep affection for their adoptive father Sid. At first they didn't recognise Momma Dino to be their mother, but found out eventually.

ice age 3 dinosaur names

The link below also found on the main pageis to a clip from youtube. It is a clip from Ice Age 3. The Eggs.

ice age 3 dinosaur names

See Dinosaur Eggs for more information about when they were eggs. The card was named '3 Baby Dinosaurs', and gave them the following ratings:. This article was so good it became the featured article for September This means it has a video! I am currently searching for a video that will work on the wiki.

List of Ice Age main characters

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