Join the Day Super Reading Quest starting on April 13, with hundreds of other students to 2x your reading speed.

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Join The Quest. When you were in primary school and your teacher made you read aloud, you sounded out words and your teacher corrected you as you went along. Eventually, your teacher told you to read silently. Right now, your mind can only process as much information as you can read. And you can only read as fast as you can talk. Once your childhood mind formed the traditional way of reading, it held onto that method of learning. If you want to be able to learn more, process information faster, retain more knowledge, and grow at a remarkable rate, you need to increase your reading speed.

This is what makes the Super Reading Quest so extraordinary. Normally, common speed reading techniques involve some level of skimming, so you seemingly read faster….

The genius of the Super Reading Quest is that it stacks neurostimulous techniques onto memory retention and speed reading. When this happens, it triggers a signal in your brain to enlarge its capacity for new stimuli and new information.

Your brain then is consuming new information at an amazing rate. This student vowed to read 30 books in 30 days. Her mother was sick, diagnosed with a terminal disease. Doctors and scientists had tried everything they knew, but it was hopeless. Her mother was given just months to live. The young woman came to Jim to learn how to speed read.

Jim taught her his proven techniques to increase her reading speed and retain the new information she learned. Months later, Jim checked in with his student.If you could practice ONE thing every day that would create the most radical transformation in your life — what would it be?

This could be the answer…. And is designed for remarkable transformation in minimal time. This Quest based on scientific studies from several major universities teaches you an effortless system to:. A seven-day Quest that guides you through every part of The 6 Phase Meditation philosophy.

Guided meditation audios for each part of The 6 Phase Meditation, plus one to use after the Quest. Based on the distillation of hundreds of personal growth books and the latest scientific studies, The 6 Phase Meditation Quest is a meditation process — made simple. So simple, you only need 7 days to master it. Now enjoying the scientific aspects of meditation and living your busy lifestyle just go hand in hand.

The practice was designed by entrepreneur, meditation instructor, and computer engineer Vishen Lakhiani, who developed the method as a personal tool to manage his own busy lifestyle which working in Silicon Valley in to Vishen success with the 6 Phase lead him to found Mindvalley, considered the most innovative company in the transformational field and a pioneer in mindfulness education. Sign Up below to get started.

By clicking the button above, you are creating an account with Mindvalley and agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Useincluding receiving emails. A wonderful daily affirmation. This is by far one of the most beautiful and, most powerful meditations I have ever practiced. The 6-Phase meditation has been transformative for me. With each day, I have found greater focus, ease of soul and alignment with my true self.

Although I have tried numerous meditative practices, I still do the 6 Phase Meditation every morning. And I have amazing days ever since. Vishen presented The 6 Phase Meditation at the Wisdom 2. The recording has now been viewed over 1 million times. Watch here.

The artist Miguel recently shared with Billboard Magazine that he has been using the 6 Phase Meditation to connect with his fans before each show as a way to incorporate his personal habit of meditating into his professional life.

Quest results in some of the highest completion rates in the industry using the concept of engaging micro-learning. Learn the Envisioning Technique 16 mins followed by meditation 13 mins. The Blessing Technique 6 mins followed by full 6 Phase Meditation 15 mins. Experience your masterclasses on browser, iPad and mobile.

You can also unsubscribe anytime and still keep the 6 Phase Meditation Quest if you wish. Get Free Access Now. Warm Up Training minute warm-up training sessions to deepen and perfect your 6 Phase Meditation practice. Designed for Transformation. Backed by Science. Vishen Lakhiani Founder, Mindvalley. Luminita Saviuc Author and blogger behind PurposeFairy. Jennifer Wei Screenwriter, yogini, aerialist.We did. And the reason is simple — every time we bring on a new program on the Mindvalleywe want to get it to as many people as possible so we can have feedback from first adopters we will reach out to you via email.

This is because we want to quickly improve the course based on the feedback. All existing customers will automatically get upgraded when we roll out the upgrades. The Chakra Healing Quest is for anyone who wants to leverage one of our greatest assets — our energetic ecosystem — to heal traumas, become a rapid manifestor, and elevate any area of life.

Whatever your personal, professional or spiritual goals might be: having a fully-stocked toolbox of powerful energetic tools will assist you to achieve them with far greater ease, joy, and confidence. The Chakra Healing Quest begins on July 01, From this date, you and your fellow students across the world will join Anodea on daily bite-sized online trainings 15 — 20 minutes per day, for 35 days.

Unlike the many books on the topic of the chakras out there, Anodea takes a more holistic and evidence-based approach to healing as she combines both the wisdom of the chakras with more Western practices like clinical psychology and childhood development models.

While books on the subject provide a great source of knowledge on the subject, it also lacks the experiential aspect of learning how to heal your chakras. Furthermore, our Quest platform is designed to give you short, digestible lessons on a daily basis, rather than bombard you with hours of content that often leaves students overwhelmed.

Meaning you can experience it over and over again, with new and existing students each time. Plus you get to connect with even more like-minded people on the same journey as you. Once the initial 35 days are over, each lesson of this Quest essentially becomes your go-to toolkit filled with powerful energetic techniques you can use at any time.

Her books, lectures, and work has empowered millions of people — and is based on 4 decades of study in a variety of fields such as bioenergetics, clinical psychology, yoga, and mystic spirituality. So go ahead and enroll now, lock in that discount, and evaluate it for yourself with full peace of mind. Support Log In.

Join The Quest. Frequently Asked Questions. Who is this Quest for, and what can it do for me? How does this Quest work?We fill the gap with a platform that does.

Welcome to Mindvalley

Mindvalley is the largest online personal growth platform in the world. Choose from hundreds of personal growth programs and transformative content taught by brilliant minds, with results that stick. We're creating a more conscious and connected world by teaching people how to become the greatest version of themselves while doing good for the planet and the human race. Author of the Conversations with God book series with 15 million copies sold. Learn how to learn better and elevate your retention.

The Little Humans video series takes you on a journey into the wisdom, ideas, and insights you need to be the best parent you can be. Join 15 handpicked experts and explore a variety of topics including emotional intelligence, nutrition, education, daily rituals, grief and conflict management, and much more. Claim your free access to the world premiere now. On Youtube. On Spotify Or iTunes. Learn More. The way we approach learning today is deeply flawed.

Join over 12 million people worldwide doing it differently. The ultimate goal is not a degree or even a goal. Learn more about our mission here About Mindvalley. Be The Best. Learn From The Best.

Is The Quest All Access Pass From Mindvalley Worth It For You?

Jim Kwik Brain Performance Expert. Eric Edmeades Creator of WildFit. Join Free.Some of us strive to contribute and honor a higher purpose — while others chase temporary and selfish gratification. Or do you still find yourself too often dragged down by the negativity, anxiety, and turbulence of modern life? As he facilitates your transformation into what he calls a Highly Evolved Being. So when you order from Mindvalley, you know your happiness is our top priority.

The inspirations and life changes sparked here helped inspire this Quest. A Highly Evolved Being is a person who has risen above the social, spiritual, environmental, and political turmoil of our times. A Highly Evolved Being is a person who is holistically equipped to release their old disempowering holding patterns.

And instead express divine joy, abundance, contribution, and purpose in our turbulent modern world. A Highly Evolved Being is a person whose very presence uplifts others towards their own spiritual evolution.

Anyone has the capacity to become a Highly Evolved Being. Which is to help every person on the planet experience the spiritual evolution we so urgently need to survive and thrive.

This process involves embracing and releasing various beliefs and thought patterns that define the human experience.

mindvalley quest

It may sometimes appear counterintuitive. Awaken The Species takes you on a day journey into the most profound spiritual evolution of your life. No more finding time to pour through hour courses. Set aside minutes a day, each day for 36 days. Our entire community starts on the same day because Neale will be coaching you daily. This is one of the greatest advantages of doing this program now.

You get to engage with the tribe of thousands of Awaken The Species enthusiasts who share their experiences, insights, and results. They keep each other motivated. Stuck somewhere? Ask a question and dozens of people from the community will help you.

Our community is extremely supportive this way.

Introducing Mindvalley Quest All Access

All you have to do in this program is to set aside minutes a day, each day for 36 days. And bring up the guided real-time coaching program on your tablet, smartphone or desktop as Neale takes you through the Awaken The Species quest. Quests are designed for seamless mobile and desktop experience. And can be completed with no extra time you need to carve out of your life.I heard about it being released, and before I even watched the masterclass I knew I was going to want it.

The Quest All Access Pass offers access to almost all the courses and quests on Mindvalley for an entire year. Not only that, but you get access to any brand new upcoming quests for the year, and, lately, they have put out a new quest once a month or so.

What do you get? How could they offer unlimited access to almost all of their courses? They had never done anything like that in all the years I had been learning from them. I watched the masterclass. I thought that there might be a catch.

I thought maybe he would say you only get access to one quest per month. But instead, he said you can take one quest per day or two quests per day or whatever you want.

mindvalley quest

Still, I waited until the full detailed page popped up about 10 minutes before the end of the masterclass and read it fully. I was blown away. By the way, Mindvalley now has a page where you can apply for your own refunds without the hassle of contacting support. One of the things you get with the Quest All Access Pass is access to the certificate of completion at the end of the course.

You get the certificate by taking a quiz at the end of the course you will be encouraged to do so on the last day of the questand if you pass, you get the certificate mailed to you. As you can see in the following screenshot, the Quest All Access Pass subscription shows up in the billing area of your Mindvalley account. You can see when the next billing date will be and how much it will be.

It will be a year after you first purchased it. The big problem with this is that if you cancel you lose access to everything that you got with the pass.

If you want to keep the content, you will need to renew your membership. When you buy the courses and quests individually, they will stay in your Mindvalley account forever. When you buy the Quest All Access Pass, any courses and quests that come with it will stay in your account until you decide not to renew your subscription.

For me, that means I had 7 quests added into my account and 5 new courses. And, the more quests they add, the less that number will be.Just over a month ago, I was sitting in a coffee shop trying to fill in an Excel sheet with numbers. I had the numbers on my laptop screen, and I would try to memorize as many as I could so that when I opened up the excel sheet I could fill it in quicker.

No matter how hard I tried, or how simple the numbers were, I could only remember two numbers at a time. It was so frustrating. I was tired of having a crappy memory. Superbrain seemed like it was something that could help. My husband and I just finished the quest, so here is my review. The subject, brain health and brain strength, applies to everyone. We all want to keep our brain healthy and have an easy time doing things like remembering or focusing.

So, if you are wondering if this quest is for you, and you already know the quest interests you, then I can confidently say that it is for you. I realized that when I was trying to teach my parents one of the techniques in the quest.

6-Phase Meditation Quest

My dad completely left the room and pretended he had to do something else. When you teach, you remember more. You can teach the techniques to people you love, or you can teach it to people in your life who have a poor memory and could really benefit from techniques like Jim teaches.

View Results. It was so interesting that we wanted to add it to our lives daily for 30 days. So we did each lesson right after supper each day. I could sit around and daydream with clear visuals in my head all day. Jim taught a lot of memory techniques that played well with my ability to visualize, so it was really easy for me to instantly use many of the techniques he taught.

It was such a visual high for me that I subjected my husband to 2 hours of practicing it that night. We were in bed and he was coming up with lists of words for me to remember and I was gleefully reciting them back to him using my visual memory and the chain linking technique. It took him 20 times as long to come up with the list as it took me to recite it back to him. And, I can still remember them. But all that practice did him good too. I also came up with lists for him to remember, and he was able to practice his visualization.

Each page is full of stuff I wanted to remember and things I found interesting. Every single day offered us something worthwhile to learn and write down. Which, by the way, was one of the things my husband and I were so impressed with.

Each day of the quest had new insights to take in. Even on implementation days — which are days that you can go back and catch up on or study up on a concept from previous days — included something new. Right after day 30, I asked my husband to give me a review of the quest. Here are the points that I wrote down as he talked.